Alpha, beta and omega personalities are usually reserved for the study of animals. Among animals, the alpha individual is the leader of the group. Being the alpha gives them certain benefits like preferential access to food and mates. They’re usually the strongest and most aggressive in the group.

Recently, there’s been a movement around alternative ways to describe personality types. This includes using the “alpha type” to talk about people with dominant personalities.

Alpha people can be said to be the same as people with a Type A personality. Those who fall under this classification are ambitious, outgoing, and aggressive (just like an Alpha animal)

So, if you’re wondering whether you’re an alpha personality or not, this list should help you. Here are 12 things only people with an alpha personality do:

1. You speak your mind without holding back. That’s not to say that people with alpha personalities are rude and don’t care about people’s feelings. They do! But they’re not ashamed to be honest.

2. You’re guided by actions, not words. When you say you’re going to do something, you do it. You also expect the same from other people.

3. You’re hands on. An alpha personality can be organized and keep a list, but they’d much rather get up and get it done with. You won’t find an alpha personality making excuses for not doing something that needs to be done.

4. You like alone time. Your personal time is your chance to unwind and relax, so you make it count.

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